Dr. Bellandra B. Foster, P.E.

ABOUT-Image2I believe those who are successful should go back and grab the hand of someone else. From my journey to Michigan State, where I earned my Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, to founding BBF Engineering Services and BBFoster Consulting, to forming “The Help House”, a non-profit organization, and assisting within my community, I know first hand the big difference a little help can make.

We all have a story to tell.  I grew up in a household with two parents who loved me, but the illness of paranoid schizophrenia impacted my life beginning at the age of 3 when my mother was diagnosed.  As the youngest of four children, I was always very protective of my immediate family, and I despised witnessing the mistreatment of others.  As I entered college to study engineering, I was one of only a handful of black students in my program during my years at Michigan State University.   I had to learn to stand up for myself to avoid being minimized or mistreated in what started out as an academically intimidating environment. After the murder of my only brother in 1982, I became keenly aware of the unjust treatment of black males in society. His murder is still unsolved today.

In my professional career, I spent years building my consulting engineering corporation when extreme challenges struck.  After several years of providing award winning services to a major client, my company became the recipient of verified discrimination on many levels.  The legal process resulted in never being granted my day in court.  I made the decision to Stand Up for my rights and the rights of other companies, but it was difficult for me to encounter the fact that justice is not fair for all people.

I want people to know that it is their right to stand up and expect fair treatment while enthusiastically achieving their goals and most of all, surviving hurt from being treated as “less than”.  It is important that we know we were all created equal and have great value and purpose as we embrace our assignment while on this earth.

“I want everyone to know that achieving your unique definition of success is possible. I have come to the realization that we all have an assignment to fulfill while we are here on the earth. It is our responsibility to be obedient to complete the assignment to the best of our abilities. My father used to say ‘anything worth having will not be easy to obtain’. This includes positive change that will impact the world.”

I, as many others have been hurt deeply from injustices that occur in life. When we are hurt deeply, we should not have to suffer in silence.  It is my platform and desire to empower, inspire and encourage others to know that it is possible to move forward to accomplish their calling and purpose in life.  It is my desire to equip those who have been hurt or mistreated to create a positive environment that will  produce a successful outcome from any stressful situation that may have been encountered.

You can go from hurt to HOPE and VICTORY! Be Encouraged!

“It’s Time To Stand Up For Your Life!”

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