“It is always such a joy to speak in front of those people who are ready to make a change in their lives. Through my lectures, I seek to inspire and motivate those to take action in their own lives. My speaking topics are listed below.”

Achieving Success in the Home and in Business

  • Seven Guidelines for Achieving Success in the Home and in Business.
  • The Importance of Prioritizing All Aspects of Life.

Be Your Own Protector

  • In the midst of any challenging environment, how do I protect and guard my physical, spiritual, mental and emotional well being.
  • How to determine and deal with challenging relationships: Need and Greed, Opportunist, Immoral and Unethical personalities.

You Are Not Invisible

  • How to become brave enough to speak up for yourself in the midst of an environment of unfair, discriminate or disparate treatment.
  • How to command respect based upon your words, actions and reputation.

Nobody Cares, But You Do

  • What to do when you feel like “nobody cares” about you, but you.
  • What to do when you are suffering from the shrinking circle of friends and family syndrome.

Inner Ammunition for the Warzone

  • How to prepare for and survive whatever battle you are fighting.
  • What to do when the warzone has you weary and you want to give up.

Identify Your Non-Negotiables

  • How and why you should identify the non-negotiables in your life.
  • Make a decision regarding your non-negotiables and stick with it.

Do Not Suffer in Silence

  • How to research your rights pertaining to the situation you are encountering.
  • Determining when, why and how to proceed when you are mistreated.

From Stressed to Schizoid

  • Why you should “stand up” to avoid “breaking down”
  • Know your history, observe your environment and preserve your mind.

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Recent Speaking Engagements:

  • Michigan State University
    Lansing, MI
    College of Engineering
    “Night with Industry’
  • Detroit Area Pre College Engineering Program(DAPCEP)
    Detroit, MI
    Spring Open House and Program Registration
    Keynote Speaker
  • University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor, MI
    Movement of Underrepresented Sisters in
    Engineering and Science (MUSES) Gala
  • University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor, MI
    Society of Minority Engineers and Scientists Graduate Students (SMES-G)
    Event Industry Panel
  • 29th Annual DBE Conference
    Pontiac, MI
    Michigan Department of Transportation
    Office of Bus. Development Conference

“Dr. Foster’s presentation on Entrepreneurship was empowering to the National Society of Black Engineers — Detroit Alumni Eviension members. She inspired the masses with her insightful advice and approach to miming, maintaining, and elevating a business,- providing tips on work life balance, integrity, and continuous learning for the technical professional”
-Frenae Smith
National Society of Black Engineers
Region IV Alumni Extension Chairperson

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