The 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions By Small and Disadvantaged Businesses

Have you been:

  • Struggling with getting the contracts you want with the government?
  • Wondering what it will take to position your business to  WIN contracts?

Here are the top 3 questions that most DBEs ask about working on government projects.

1. How do I get certified?

Contact your State or City Office of Civil Rights or Office of Equal Opportunity and obtain the information to apply for certification as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise.

2. Why should I get pre-qualified?

Many agencies also require prequalification to obtain contracts to provide construction or professional services.  Prequalification verifies to a potential client that your company is experienced in providing the construction or professional services you desire to provide.  Contact your certifying agency to verify whether your area of expertise also requires (or it is recommended) that your company obtain prequalification.

3. How do I get bonded?

First contact your local Small Business Resource Center(s) to obtain information about reputable bonding agencies.  Be prepared to provide all documentation about your personal and business finances.

I am sure you have more questions related to your specific business, industry, or goals. If so, you are in the right place.

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